I believe you are maturing brothers and sisters and I can speak plainly of spiritual things to you today. So that we’d increase in the knowledge of the desires of His heart in these times and seasons. They who have ears to hear, let them hear!  They who have eyes to see, let them see!
Simply put, this one’s for those who hunger after the deep things of God and want to know the times and seasons.
I believe there is a new measure of grace on our eyes to look past each other’s flesh and see Him. I’m unshakably convinced it’s His love responding to the deep desires of the whole earth to see His reality. We are all longing to see Him more and this increase of seeing Him in one another is nourishment to our deep hunger, even an aching longing for His manifestation.  
Sons and daughters of God are manifesting and like my own sons are growing up to look like me, we are looking more and more like Our Father!
Take a look at this silly photo below. My 9-year-old who’s named ISRAEL(this is not by circumstance), came to me yesterday and said, “Dad I want you to shave my head like yours.” Odd right? No! Abba was revealing the deep hunger that is stirring to look like Our Father. And as we press into Him….
It is happening, it is happening, it is happening!
Thank you, Jesus, for birthing us into a holy generation so that we can be made witnesses to others of Our Father love, as we grow to be more like you!
This I believe is the undertone of the ministry of Jesus; to reveal the father’s love to men. The ministry of the Holy Spirit at the infilling of Jesus was to validate and glorify the Son. The Son (Jesus)’s ministry was to glory Our Father. I believe this is why even though He could have just come and accomplished His assignment of redemption, He chose to heal the sick, raise the dead, mend the broken. All to reveal Abba’s love for us.
It’s time we lay down our own ministries and participate in the ministry of Jesus of glorifying the Father through restored reflection by means of Christ fully formed in us! And now we have this Holy calling; to know Him and convey His love to a needy generation(just as we once were).
YES! We are called to express the love of Abba for the purpose of wooing the hearts of orphaned children back to Our father. This is the ministry of reconciliation. I believe we are ever more being transformed by the renewing of the mind into a nature that is the clear reflection of God. Even as it was in Eden when He first formed us in His image and likeness. A clear picture for a generation of lookers.
And this is how we fulfill our part in the fulfillment of scripture, that we allow Christ to manifest in us! This is truly the absolute hope of glory. It’s hope rests on Christ in you and Christ in me. I believe we are, with heavy acceleration, being called out religious perpetual immaturity into growth that causes us to look more and more like Our Father with every passing day.
Are you like Israel when he asked to shave his head to look like me? Are you willing to lose the mind of the first Adam, choose the cross, be made new and born again into a generation with a DNA of God?
You have a purpose! It’s not over. Your assignment, as long as you have breath in your body, is to woo a lost generation with love that only comes from Christ in you, back to Our Father.
Lord! Let it be completed in us now as it is already finished in heaven. Let the inevitable become imminent because we your people long to be one with you, ruling and reigning with you! One body, one generation, one unhindered and undistracted fellowship with you, again! We want you to have what you paid for! Bring us back to Eden and use us for your purpose of your reconciliation. We press into your way so that we can know you and be made like you as your witnesses to the earth of your deep and unfailing love.
Then after hearing these words today, in fiery provoked desire, in full faith, press in to know and reflect Him for His purpose of drawing all men unto Him.  This acceptance of the cross, to be made new, and forming of Christ in us, is our due response to the hope of glory He’s chosen hang on us.
I bless you in the name of Jesus, praying my words didn’t get in the way of His heart to light your passion today,
Thomas & Mandi + 7 Awesome Boys (one who’s head is a little balder today than days before)
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