If you had met me, you’d know how far He’s brought me…

Many times we lack healing because we choose to not confess our faults and be healed. There is a direct link to confession and healing. I’ve tried real hard not to hide my faults anymore but to confess them and seek the Lord to make me better through them. Many people admire and honor the humility in my heart, the tenderness that is Christ-like, the Lord himself has told me He loves this about me but they don’t know who I was before when I was hard hearted and prideful.

It wasn’t until I faced my failure and took responsibility for bad fruit in my garden, with a reality that I can’t change myself but only be changed, that I was able to be healed and allow the Lord to mold me again. Today, humility remains and I carry scars of faithful wounds of a friend who showed me my present self at the moment(a mirror) and then showed me who I was before flesh took over. Who I was in Eden and who I am inevitably in eternity.

He reintroduced me to true self who is in the image of Abba, who is pure love and humility. From there I had a holy goal, a mark to hit, an example to follow and a surrender of my hardness to give. That friend was Jesus and he tenderized me through the things which I suffered. I thank Him today for those faithful lessons.
I want to encourage you today to get on the potters wheel, confess your faults and be healed. We all miss it but this is how you continue to get back up and become more like Christ.  It’s not fun, but it’s worth it. Sad to say, we’ve been indoctrinated too often with a gospel of “easy.”

Be careful!!!!!!! If you don’t presently look like Jesus, don’t get stuck in the mirror, that’s not true you. What you are seeing is the fractured version of you that was born into sin. But instead move forward and be washed by the word and reassured by it’s truth, that in His hands He makes all things beautiful.

His grace is enough for the things in which you are self honest with Him about. That is, what you allow his hands to touch, and sometimes break and restore. He will restore you back to true you before the struggles of the flesh made you more like Adam and less like Him. There is hope but it begins with confession and ends with complete restoration. The cross is hard but resurrection into life is worth it. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind back to Eden birthed, heaven bound, true you!

I bless you in Jesus name!

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