This morning I was thinking of someone in my church today and I said to myself, “It’s so easy to love them.” Then I heard the Lord repeat it back to me about myself. Heart warmed. He sends little love letters like that all of the time! This relationship is real! Told me just then… tell my children off this love I have for them today.


So hear His voice. Receive this love letter today…


“My beloved! I’ve come to you today to tell you that it’s easy to love you because you are my own and I delight in you. My heart leaps when my eyes are on you, I not only love you, but I like you. It’s so easy to love you, I find you beautiful! You’re made in my image and looking more like me everyday. Be full of hope because I see you, I hear you, and I deeply care for you.”


I bless you in Jesus name.

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