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I wanted to share what just happened with Judah, my two-year-old, who today informed me he’s “not the baby anymore, he’s the big boy now.” He reminded me to not chase the crumbs on the floor, but sit at Our Father’s table where He has prepared for us a feast that allows us to never hunger or thirst again…


I was just about to head to bed and here comes Judah marching like he was about to win first place in a race across the living room floor. Where was he going? He didn’t even look up at me but headed onward to mom’s room, of course! I guess even “big boys” want mom’s arms when they need something.


Judah’s first nature even while only half awake, was to run where he knew he would be accepted, protected, provided for, and at home. I waited just a few minutes more to see if mom would send him back to his bed in his brother’s room, but after just a few minutes he emerged back into the hallway. However, to my surprise, instead of making his way to the living room, he got stuck in the kitchen. It got quiet.


Okay, parents, you know some things up when it gets quiet. YES, my two-year-old was now scouring the pantry for food. He was hungry! Growing boys…man they eat a lot! I would know with six growing boys in the house, trust me.


Judah brings me an empty box of crackers. I showed him it was empty and the look of discouragement on his face just broke my heart. I knew what to do. I hopped up and took him by the hand to the pantry and found some pretzels as a late-night snack. He was so happy.


I grabbed a bowl and poured out some pretzels and a few accidentally hit the ground. He quickly dropped to the floor and began to eat. I said, “nooooo Judah I have more up here, don’t eat those,” but he was so happy he kept searching the floor face to the ground, distracted and never looking up to see the full bowl I had prepared for him. I would never have him eat crumbs, I had an entire bowl just outside his sight to give him but He had to look up.


How many times have we obtained a portion our selves, just like Judah grabbed the empty box, and it just didn’t satisfy us? I can’t imagine how many times we’ve settled for less than what God has for us when we are distracted looking for things we need in all the wrong places. Be it a listening ear, an intervention, someone to care for, soulish, or even spiritual nourishment.


We need to learn to lean on Jesus just as Judah needed to learn to shift His eyes away from the floor (things below) to me, be patient, and lean on me for what He needed. I held the greater portion than what he could obtain on his own. The crumbs were never the plan. The further he got away from me while searching for more crumbs, the further away from the large portion I had prepared for him he was. I digress…


How often we quickly forget to run to Our Father when in need. Sometimes we run to discussions, complaining, murmuring, the ears of someone we think can help or could ease our pain just knowing someone was listening. But Our Father is a jealous God and he wants to be the ears you speak to, the arms you run to, the portion provider, and the strength you lean on. He wants to give you the full portion and but you’ll never see Him, receive from him with your eyes on things below.


Don’t settle for less. In His presence, at His table, in His secret place of fellowship, is everything you need. And my friend… it’s not crumbs on the floor. Run to Him, stay close to Him, trust in Him, don’t look to the world for the crumbs, sit at His table and be satisfied with food and drink that will eternally fill you and satisfy your soul.


Love you and bless you in the name of Jesus – Thomas & Mandi + 7 Awesome Boys!


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