He loved me enough to let me fail. Don’t let a lack of order rob you of success? Ready for a truth bomb with a side of transparency?
For years I suffered a season of perpetual failure in business, all the while doing the right things that worked for everyone else.
The problem was that I didn’t realize that God cares my heart so much that He would NOT let me have something that I was seeking more than Him and His kingdom. He did this to protect me! Most often a “no” from the Lord is preservation.
My so deeply desired business success without the priority of God, would have resulted in hurting my relationship with my Lord. If He had let me succeed, it would have ended in catastrophic failure as HE IS THE SOURCE OF OUR HELP and the success might have drawn me away.
He cared enough for me to let me fail in business, promoting me to ask why and discover the area that needed growth.
When Holy order came to my life, He removed the limits and let His blessings flow! Things that never worked, all of a sudden worked! The favor of God was found in relationships and blessings were coming. I was so frustrated though when things wouldn’t work until finally there was enough worldly failure to look to heaven for answers.
It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong in my efforts, but rather doing something wrong in the area of order.
Don’t let a lack of order rob you. The Lord wants you to succeed and if we remember where our help comes from and keep Him first, we win! Blessings in Jesus name!
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