Trust is a serious thing. My 6 year old Israel reminded me of something today. Thought I’d share…



One evening I needed to get some things for the studio from Home Depot. I grabbed the keys and walked out the door when all of a sudden I heard a high pitched scream from inside. Israel was going hysterical. Apparently, I promised him that the next time I took a car trip I would take him with me. He thought I was leaving without him. Through the walls of our home I could hear “Daddy don’t forget me!” screamed through sobbing tears. My heart broke.



I sent word inside that I would wait for him and that I wouldn’t leave with out him. It took a while for him to get dressed but I didn’t care. The crying subsided and although mom had a few things for him to do before he left, he trusted that I would be there waiting for him.

He trusted my word because he trust my love for him. Why? Because I’m a good father. Because he is my child. Because I said so.



Jesus said I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. He is with us always even until the end of the world. Jesus is a man of His word. Jesus cannot lie. Jesus loves us, we are His children and He desires to be with us. Anytime, anywhere.



Sometimes we feel undesired, un-welcomed, un-wanted but that is only how we feel and our feelings must bow down to truth. Truth is constant. The world, heaven and earth revolve around truth. If anything comes up against truth, it will change before truth will.



Hear ye this day this truth and revolve your life and knowledge around these truth’s. Trust these promises because…He said it is so (it is written)!



Jesus is with you.

He desires you.

He is never far away.

He is the whisper of His name away from being attentive to your heart and soul.

He will never forsake you.

He sticks closer than a brother and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS desires to be with you no matter what you’ve done, haven’t done, where you are, or what you’re doing.



He is here awaiting fellowship with you. Come in the confidence that in being born again into His generation(family), we have unobstructed access to our creator and savior through the shed blood of Jesus our Christ!



I Bless You in the Name of Jesus! Thomas & Mandi + 7 Awesome Boys

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