I used to try so hard to get people to like me. I didn’t know I was struggling with a spirit of rejection. Once I discovered just how much I am accepted by my Abba, I never “needed” someone to like me again. I look back and see how exhausting it was to trying to become something someone would like instead of resting in being one who is liked and loved by my own creator!
Who needs anything else?
The problem with trying so hard to become something or someone instead of just being, is that it leads to an unauthentic lifestyle. Doing what you think people like, love and want instead of just being you. Be released from this in Jesus name!

Just being you is easier, trust me. Authenticity, though sometimes hard to come back to if you’ve drifted away, is in the end, easier than fake. I’m grateful that being unauthentic wears you down. Yes, I said that. If it didn’t wear us down, we’d never pursue the rest that comes from just being authentically who we were made to be.


How much sweeter is the rest in discovering that the true us is accepted by God! Even if we despise our flesh.
Be who YOU are made to uniquely be. Get comfortable in your own skin because God loves you the way you are, flaws and all. His love and acceptance will change you all on its own. Give yourself a break, you can’t fix you anyway! You can change your behavior but you can’t change your nature, HOWEVER you CAN be changed.
Remember Our Father has accepted you! IT IS WRITTEN
It’s His promise and goodness over us that we are accepted like this. Receive His acceptance and realize you were worth dying for. He loves us. You are highly valued. Sometime soon you should re-read the story of the man who found a treasure in the field and sold all he had to purchase the field. That man was Jesus and you are the treasure.
That’s in Matthew 13:44


If you are struggling with feeling of value, the Lord so eagerly wants you to know how much He values you. Actually, that’s the whole love story… He loved us first and before there was time!
Write this scripture on your heart and when you feel to need to be something you’re not so that someone will accept you, remember you may want their acceptance, but you don’t need it because GOD has accepted you.

Ephesians 1:6 King James Version (KJV)

6 To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.
From Abba…


There is sound I love. A sound that turns my eyes towards you. A sound that draws me close to you. A sound that is heard through all of heaven and a sound that to me, is a song. A sound I long always to hear and a sound that fills my heart with Joy. I rejoice when I hear it. When it crosses my ears I feel what I felt in the beginning when I looked at all I had made and said “It is good.”


When you speak this, I am reminded that I have a generation, a family, a people to call my own. I am reminded that I am loved, I am wanted, I am needed, not forgotten and proud to be a father, your father.


This sound is when you call my name. When you say Abba, I say YES my child. I say yes and AMEN to whatever you ask in my name according to my will. This is my response to you calling me your father, I call you my own. You are so deeply loved. I AM here. Call my name…



I Bless you in the Name of Jesus – Thomas & Mandi + 7 Awesome Boys

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