I want to decree this over you today.


This year is going to be absolutely amazing. Filled with God’s peace, His joy, and right standing before the Lord. This is what the kingdom life is all about. Finding Joy unspeakable and full of Glory wrapped up in a beautiful understanding and revelation of His salvation.


This  year is going to be about you both finding and protecting unshakable peace, in a measure as never before. Peace that passes all logic. Peace that combats fear, anxiety, and doubt. And for the hungry, a new depth of inner knowledge of His redemption that leads to daily surrender and perpetual right-standing with God.


Imagine operating life from that place, the place of Spiritually being seated with God in heavenly place, yet walking through every-day life. Like spiritual strength flowing like a spring of water up through your inner-being(spirit), straight into your heart.


Imagine a life spilling over with the kingdom to where it affects everyone and everything around you. It’s possible! God is coming to make you unshakeable and especially unshakable in your understanding and revelation of His kingdom in(and for) your life.


I see the Lord releasing many from sorrow, dread, oppressive spirits, and even NEW VICTORY IN OLD BATTLE GROUNDS! Many are feeling hope even now as reading. Let that be a confirmation for you that YES this is a word for you right now. The Lord is in your future preparing tomorrow for you to walk in it. Let Him work out the details and trust.


Get out of the past, you have no rights to it anymore. You do not belong there, have no authority there to change anything. His grace is enough! Fear not. 365 times IT IS WRITTEN, FEAR NOT!


I believe in you, that you are going deeper than ever. Even those in bitterness and depression, God is going to shake you free from those things. Be full of hope, our best is ahead of us. You can’t believe that part of the bible that said Jesus arose from the dead without also believing the entire word. And the word says your best is ahead! IT. IS. WRITTEN.


I bless you in the name of Jesus – Thomas & Mandi + 7 Awesome Boys

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